Intriguing Daily Life of a Trader

Forex trading is now one of the most popular professions in the world and the number of people involved continues to increase. Recent statistics show that the number of Forex traders has been on the rise since the release of the film The Wolf of Wall Street. The film has made the concept of trading shares and stocks and earning millions of dollars generally popular. The life of a trader has been depicted as a dream life in the movie.

If you ever wonder whether the life of a Forex trader is that dreamy or not, this article is for you. It is based on some real-world studies and attempts to present a realistic and accurate picture of this business.

Waking up Early

Professional traders tend to start their day very early. Traders who are dealing in the US market wake up pretty early. All of them get themselves ready and on their computer desk before 8 a.m. They all know that the earlier they start their daily business, the more control they can have over it. Most of them even have their morning tea and breakfast at their computer screen, analyzing different charts and diagrams.

They all try to kick off their day as effectively as they can. Check here and get some professional guidelines from the top traders in the Mena region.

Planning and Modeling Everything

An expert trader who is working in a multistorey office is rare to find nowadays. With the advancement and availability of various desktop and laptop computers, conducting all the activities of trading is possible from any home. Traders use different online accounts offered by various trading platforms and use other software to finalize their deals.

Such flexibility empowers them to exploit automated trading facility by installing algorithmic software. Besides this, it also enables a trader to check their capital and account balance and decide on the amount of money they are going to invest that day. They inspect all his tools and software’s functionality at the beginning of the day. Olan and model his whole day depending on the tools you can work with.

Checking the News

Whether through podcasts or different online news portals, a professional trader set a specific time each morning updating themselves with the latest useful market news. Listening to or reading news holds a significant part of his daily routine.

An astute retailer scours the web and skims through blogs after blogs to engulf the essential stories of the world finance and politics. The news which has the potential to impact the currency exchange world gets trader’s prime attention. 

When a piece of news seems like generic news to an ordinary individual, it may hold great value for an insightful retailer. They do not only detect valuable news; they can measure the scale the news has an impact on the market. They measure the impact of social media on stock prices and other rival companies.

Concentrating till Lunch                                                                                                                 

After completion of preparation, retailers start placing orders in the Forex marketplace. They concentrate on analyzing different market catalysts to place their deals quintessentially. They work relentlessly until the lunch hour as this hour is reportedly the most infertile hour of the day of the life of a retailers.

They spend this hour by having lunch and passing stress-free hours. The first couple of hours are the best time to find profitable trades because the prices fluctuate more.

Evaluating Daily Performance

After lunch hour, traders register for another trading segment which extends from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. This is called the last hour of trading.

After this last hour trading, they close their day by reviewing their whole performance.  They compare their present day’s performance with the past day’s performance and look for a helpful business pattern that can be exploited later for more profit or better efficiency.


A wise currency trader usually makes his nights free for personal relaxation and family. Balancing your personal life with your trading life is crucial as it often affects your daily productivity.