We Are Flying Home Next Week

Of course the tour is almost over and I should be back home in LA next week so long as all goes well. The tour lasted three months and before that I was on the road filling in for a guy who pretty much cracked up in Las Vegas. He was really high and shacked up with this girl from a Las Vegas escort agency when the label made his credit card stop charging. That did not go over too well with those guys and they put him in a hospital for his trouble. Either way I spent almost five months away from home. I am pretty sure that Lilah is going to be gone when I get home. She has not been picking up the phone for about three months herself. When we got together she knew what I did for a living and she wanted to do the same thing, but with more light shining on her pretty face.

It was bound to implode and it was not a solid relationship when I left. She seemed to think that I had more pull in the industry than I actually do, or perhaps that I would stick my neck out for her more than I was willing to. I gave people her demo tape and told them that she was my girlfriend. They understood what that meant. Of course I kept telling her that she was getting better on stage and that she just needed to figure out the business part of it. The label does not really leave me much time for that though. They send me to solve problems and to make sure that problems do not pop up when it can be avoided. The business involves people and you do not always get reliable and sober people to work with.