I Am Hooked on Professional Manicures

When my sister moved closer to me, I was super excited. I had missed seeing her every day when she lived several districts over. For the first time in nearly six years, we could call each other and make dinner arrangements to go out and eat anytime we wanted. When we went out to eat a few months ago, I told her that her nails were simply gorgeous. She told me she found a salon that offers manicure services as well as other services, and it has become her favorite place to get her nails all dolled up.

I had never had a professional manicure done before, and I certainly had never even considered a pedicure either. After seeing her nails, I knew that I wanted to at least give it a try and see if my own nails could look as amazing as hers. I truly had my doubts as I was just used to how they look when I am doing trimming them and painting them. I was super excited to try though because I figured a professional manicurist would be able to do something at least to make my own nails look better.

My sister set up an appointment for both of us, and she even paid for it! She told me it was her treat since I had paid for dinner the week before. That was a nice surprise, which allowed me to enjoy the experience even more. I had never had my hands massaged or my feet massaged before I trimmed my nails, so that was a new experience too. The technician who was working on my nails transformed them from stubby little nails to something that would look good in a magazine! She painted them with little daisies on each one, and I have been hooked on getting professional manicures ever since.