A Reward for a Smart Girl

My daughter has been happy ever since I bought her smart watch. I told her that I would only buy her the watch if she got good grades in all of her classes. She was faced with a challenging physics class, and it almost prevented her from getting the watch. She tried her hardest to do well in the class on her own, but things just weren’t working out. She asked me for help, and I looked at some Singapore physics tutors to find one that would be able to help her understand the things she had been learning in class.

The tutor worked closely with my daughter until she was able to understand physics. It’s a shame that I couldn’t help her out directly, but there was no way I could have done it. I took physics a long time ago, and I did well enough in the class to pass it, but I wasn’t that great at it. I couldn’t remember anything related to physics if my life depended on it. None of the other classes that I took after that really touched on the information that I learned in physics, so I guess my mind decided that I didn’t need to retain most of that information.

Through hard work and a good tutor, my daughter was able to take a look at any physics problem and solve it in no time. She could remember all kinds of formulas and terms that seemed so foreign to me. It was like she was becoming a tutor. I guess if she ever has kids one day and they have to take physics, she could probably give them all of the help they needed. My daughter is having a good time with her watch, and I hope she doesn’t let it distract her from doing her school work.