Simple Slip and a Clinic Trip

I have only had one experience going to an aesthetic clinic in Singapore. Overall, it was pleasant! I would definitely say that it’s nothing to be scared of. I know going to a clinic of any kind is nerve wrecking but it can really be bad if it is in another country that you are from.

I had been on vacation in Singapore for a month. I had been having a great time so far and was really enjoying the food and shops that the area had to offer. On night, I had went to a restaurant and had been warned that the knives are sharp and to be careful. I had ended up slicing my finger down the side with the knife while trying to cut up a steak. I went to the emergency room and they had sewn my finger but suggested I go to an aesthetic clinic in Singapore to see if more could be done and reconstruct the outside of my finger. I had decided to wait on that a week to see how bad it had looked after it healed a little but a few days later I could tell that my finger needed more care than the stitches it had.

I got an appointment with a local aesthetics place and began filling out paperwork. It was daunting since it was in another country, but I soon learned that it was a lot like paperwork in the United States. I had to have an ID Card, proof of everything, and my passport/VISA. After I filled out the paperwork and showed all my ID, I was taken back to a room and unlike the United States, I was seem almost immediately.

The doctor and nurse that were with me looked at my finger and said that it wasn’t too bad, they had seen worse and that my finger would be a simple refix. I wouldn’t even have to be put under and if I wanted, they could go ahead and do it right now and have me back on my way in an hour. Of course, I agreed to that! I wasn’t even put under or anything, just numbed. They redid the whole stitches and explained that it was a great thing that I came in before the healing processed really started up or it would have been more difficult to fix.

In the end, my finger looked great and after it healed you couldn’t tell that I had sliced it with a knife on accident while cutting up a steak! The clinic was filled with true professionals and I would tell everyone to not be scared of clinics of any kind overseas. They all know how to help and what to do and can be trusted!