4 More Things to Learn from Marie Kondo

You can never get enough advice on decluttering your home. Home guru Marie Kondo’s way is simple: if it doesn’t spark joy when you hold it, it has to go.

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Finish Discarding Before Storing

Once you start sorting through your things, you must finish discarding any unloved items before you start putting things back. You could even use items Kondo has designed herself like leather accessories to store things perfectly.

Store Your Items Upright

When folding clothes into drawers, the natural thing to do is to pile them flat on top of each other. Not in Kondo’s world. Fold them, yes, but place them vertically in the drawer. That way, you can see every item at once and it’s a better use of space.

Make Things Easy to Grab

Also, it’s important to put things in easy-to-reach places. This helps you avoid grabbing something, using it, then throwing it on the black laminate flooring because it’s easier than putting it back where it belongs.

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Keep a Junk Drawer

When it comes to the truly miscellaneous, a junk drawer is sometimes needed – a place for things that really don’t fit anywhere else. Get your sofa and floors from https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/laminate-flooring/black.html to match, but don’t force your items into categories where they don’t belong.

Using Kondo’s tips to declutter your home is a fail-safe way to a cleaner, simpler life. It’s a little effort now for a lot of reward later, so why not give it a go?