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Traveling is about doing something different and living life to the fullest, especially when you travel to places so great and majestic, that you reminisce about them for years. So isn’t it a good idea to pamper yourself with a new exciting journey filled with outstanding places and cultures, experiencing unusual things, and feeling the emotional upswing all the time? And that’s what you can do with the Explorer Tours agency!

We are the team of enthusiasts, who created the most popular trips to the landmarks near the Rocky Mountains to put travelers in touch with the cultural aspects of the state and its beauty so a full-fledged experience is guaranteed. Allow yourself to have a peaceful and entertaining pastime, forget about all the real-life problems and just open yourself for inspiration and great emotions.

Our fantastic tours 

You can plan the whole trip by yourself, but let us do it for you! It’s much more easy and convenient to book tours arranged by professionals, so you can be sure that transportation, program and time management will be just perfect. One of our most famous tours is the Rocky Mountains National Park tour – a top-notch trip, appreciated by a great number of travelers and locals, which combines calm and interesting pastime, observing amazing natural landmarks, and many more different activities. A trip to another well-known attraction, Mount Evans, is for active pastime lovers and people keen on mountains. Taking any of our trips is a great way to receive a rush of energy and experience a day plunged into wildlife. 

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We have so many satisfied clients and positive comments on the Internet and that’s because we try our best to create new itineraries and improve the old ones, hire only professional guides and provide the best service, that involves pick-up and drop-off, new vehicles, lunch during the trip, and much more. And these all you can get for a very reasonable price, so make your final decision and go on an adventure with us.

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