Common Problems With Solar Panels

More and more people are having solar panels installed for a renewable source of energy. Not only can solar panels help households save significant amounts of money, they are pretty low maintenance and durable. However, occasionally something might go wrong and it’s important to understand the common problems and how to tackle them.

  1. Hot Spots

When parts of your solar panels become overloaded and too hot, they form hot spots. This is usually a result of bad connections or structural defects. Hot spots can ultimately reduce the performance of a solar panel and may require replacement of the affected panels.

  1. Micro Cracks

Micro cracks in the panels are very small tears in the solar cells. These most often occur during the production or shipping of the solar panels. Initially micro cracks have a minor effect on power production, but over time they can grow and lead to significant production losses. 

  1. Internal Corrosion, Delamination

Rusting can occur within the solar panels if moisture gets in. That’s why it is essential that solar panels by air and water tight by a laminate layer. If the lamination was done incorrectly, moisture may be able to get in and cause delamination. Corrosion can lead to significant decreases in production and should be addressed as soon as possible.

  1. Electrical issues

Faulty wiring or other electrical issues may cause problems with your solar system. To fix electrical issues, always seek the assistance of a qualified technician.

  1. Inverter Problems

An inverter is what converts the direct current energy from the sun into a current that you can use in your home to power your appliances. While solar panels will likely last two decades, inverters may have a shorter life and need replacing sooner.

  1. Dirtiness

A significant build up of dirt may have an effect on the power production of solar panels. Usually heavy rain should help wash the dirt off, but sometimes the panels may require cleaning.

What is the best way to clean my solar panels?

If you’ve noticed that your solar panels have built up a lot of dirt, it may be time to give them a clean. Here are our tips for cleaning solar panels:

  1. Shut off the system – Follow the instructions in your manual to shut down the solar system before you start cleaning.
  1. Choose the right time – It’s best to clean solar panels on an overcast day or early in the morning before it is too hot. The heat of the sun will cause the cleaning water to evaporate fast and make the process more difficult.
  1. Avoid getting on the roof – Try using a simple hose spray from the ground to clean the panels first. If you can’t clean the panels from the ground, consider getting a professional in to clean your panels for you.
  1. Don’t scratch the panels – Use cleaning materials that are soft so you don’t scratch the solar panels. Also avoid using detergents as they may leave streaks on the panels.

If you are experiencing problems with your solar panels in Perth, speak to a professional as soon as possible. Get in touch with Mouritz today to see how we can help you.