Slight Change in Training Plans

My marathon training was put to a halt when I tripped and sprained my ankle. I went to the doctor to see if it was broken, but he said that it wasn’t and it would be fine after some time of rest. He told me that I could take a Soma pill to ease any pain that I was having, and it did, except the pain of not being able to train for the marathon. The marathon was a month way, and it involved running a long distance in the hot sun. I had never run that much before, and I was trying to build myself up so that I would outlast all of the other competitors.

I know it’s hard to beat some of the runners who have been running for a much longer time than me and have gone for farther distances, but I wanted to try anyway. If you don’t try, then you won’t know if you can actually do something. I was determined to do my best and win, but because of the injury, I had to wait on being able to put more effort into training my body. Not only that, but some of the progress that I had made to make myself stronger would start to deteriorate.

My injury has healed, but I still have to do some extra work to make up what I’ve lost and put myself back on the right schedule. I hope I can pull it off and I hope that I can win the race as well. It’s going to be an uphill battle, but I think my body will be able to pull through, as long as I don’t injure myself again. The worst thing in the world would be to injure myself so badly that I couldn’t even race.