Three Great Home Energy-Efficiency Tips

Cold temperatures and the ability to maintain a warm internal temperature are factors that determine your electricity bill. Over 40% of UK homeowners are continuously worried about home heating and energy-efficiency during the winter months.

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Draught-proofing and insulation are two things that lower energy bills while also preventing mould and damp.

Insulate Your Home

Anyone that installs external doors or windows must comply with the Building Regulations. Suppliers of Evesham double glazing provide products that are designed to be up to code and prevent worry. The number one contributing factor to losing heat within the home is draughts that comes through doors and window cracks.

Besides being great for providing energy-efficiency, Evesham double glazing doors and windows are also draughtproof and soundproof while also reducing condensation.

Installing Evesham double glazing, for example, in a typical semi-detached house, you could save around £115 to £120 per year.

Aside from doors and windows, you should also concentrate on your ceilings, as a lot of heat escapes through the roof. Insulating your roof prevents the loss of 25% of the heat in a home, which is common for homes with roofs without proper insulation. This also acts a cool air trapper during the summer months, saving you from having to rely on energy-consuming appliances such as fans. Roof insulation, which could typically cost around £300, will save you more than £100 per year.

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Boiler Efficiency

Did you know that 55% of your energy bills are connected to your boiler? This is more than all of your home appliances combined, making it a very important power user. You will be able to check the efficiency of your boiler by downloading a boiler check-up tool. Alternatively, get a specialist to verify that your boiler runs according to its correct energy-efficiency rating.

Check Your Appliances

All modern appliances come with an Energy Star rating, which means they were certified as energy-efficient appliances which reduce your electric bill. While it might not be possible to run to the shops and replace all your appliances, it is worth checking which ones you use most and verifying that they are Energy Star approved.

While there are many ways to save on gas and electricity bills, including installing solar panels, these three tips are the recommended way to start your energy savings.