What you need to know about warehouse shelving in fire stopping

Warehouses are busy places full of expensive stock but more importantly, people. Most stock isn’t fireproof so a fire event in a warehouse can spread quickly if inadequate passive fire protection is used. Making sure fires are easily contained and their progress is retarded is sometimes referred to as fire stopping. And there are many things you can do to make sure your passive fire stopping measures are effective.

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Completing a fire risk assessment for your warehouse is a legal requirement. The principle of designing an effective system against the spread of fire focuses on penetration sealing. Fire barrier system walls made from high-density rockwool cavity filled with a fire resistant coating are an essential part of the structural plan. Supporting this, gypsum seals prevent fire leakages around pipes and ducts.

However, there’s no point having fire safety approved components to your partition system if the spaces between do not include fire stopping. Smoke and toxic gases in a warehouse fire are hot and combustible. This means the fire doesn’t spread only by structural contact but by new fires starting due to the heat and gas of the existing fire.

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Slowing down the spread of fire

Passive protection such as firewalls, while inhibiting the spread of fire for many hours, are only beneficial to the persons outside of this active fire zone. That’s why what’s inside the zone matters just as much. With this in mind, professionals looking for industrial shelving in Ireland are interested in fire-resistant options. Ensuring your shelving system stays intact during an event is the best way to make sure flammable products stay in place and don’t feed the fire further.

Depending on your warehouse or storage area, different shelving units will be recommended. You can check out sites such as https://www.rackzone.ie/shelving/industrial-residential-shelving to get a better idea of how to design a fire-safe storage system.

Creating safe passages through fire

Keeping products safely in their place also helps people in the warehouse leave the area safely and quickly. And besides slowing down the spread of fire, good shelving gives the fire services a better chance of extinguishing the fire and potentially saving the building, stock and lives. Shelving can also be used to create avenues of less combustible materials to create safe passages in case of emergency.