Five Types of Commercial Refrigeration Systems

In the commercial fridge business, there are five types of systems from which to choose. The one you decide to buy will depend on both your business and your business’s needs. Taking into consideration size, position in your space, and function are also important. You also need to know what these five machines can do.

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1. Back Bar Fridge

Back bar refrigerators tend to be uprights with front ventilation and glass doors. They can be full-height or half-height to fit under a counter and don’t need to be in a behind-the-bar placement, but this is where they shine. Having a unit that has glass doors allows the customer to browse the product and check out new soft drinks, wines and beers. It also encourages purchases and helps bartenders keep an eye on stock levels.

2. Non-drinks Merchandise

These fridges offer the same functions as the back bar fridge except for products such as butter, cheese and yoghurt. They provide adequate refrigeration while allowing customers to help themselves to items. Unlike cabinet refrigeration for ice cream, customers never forget to close the door after use as it hangs out. This helps to keep the product fresh and save money.

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3. Refrigeration and Prep

For kitchen spaces, having a prep area above the fridge is a big help, saving time and space. Whether you have a huge commercial kitchen or a small sandwich-making operation, there is a combination fridge for you at places such as These units don’t all have front ventilation, but most come with casters for easy manoeuvrability and better space management.

4. Under-counter Refrigerators

These commercial units function like a commercial, traditional reach-in fridge but are much smaller. You can use them in either a kitchen setting for food prep or in a bar to ensure overflow access to popular products. Behind the bar, they are typically placed wherever space allows. In a kitchen, popular products such as pizza dough are stored here, where they can be reached easily.

5. The Classic Commercial Unit

Every commercial kitchen and bar needs a large, reach-in fridge somewhere. Their size makes them cumbersome but also means there is space for everything, and they are very efficient. You probably already have one of these at home and perhaps in your business, too.